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Monday, September 1, 2008

This happens much too often for my taste

P1: Hey, did you hear about John McCain choosing that Alaska governor for VP?
P2: I did! Isn't it crazy?
P1: I know!
Alaska? What the hell is he trying to do? I mean, it's such a stupid tactic. All the feminists will vote for him now, just because Palin's a woman.*
P2: Yeah, and McCain can't complain about Obama being inexperienced anymore. I mean, Palin's the
epitome of inexperience. She's seriously a risky choice.

Four hours later

P3: Hey, did you hear about John McCain choosing that Alaska governor for VP?
P2: Yeah, I did! Isn't it crazy?
P3: I know! I'm so excited - I mean, a woman for VP! I wasn't going to vote in this election, but now I totally am. It'd be so cool if I was part of a group that could break that glass ceiling, you know.
P2: Totally. And Palin's a really good candidate too - have you read about all her actions for reformations? The Republicans are lucky to have someone like her.


It's great and all if you don't want to politically offend the person you're talking to, but why this? Be honest and tactful. Don't, in Emerson's words, be a parrot of somebody else and agree with everything they say. It's disrespecting your own brain, and it shows that you no confidence in yourself to form your own thoughts that you can stand up with. Parroting somebody else makes you look like an imbecile.

Do what you wish politicians would do and start actually forming an opinion that you'll stick to.

*sidenote: P1 was a female. She said what she did because she thought that McCain was just trying to sway the numerous women who wouldn't take a glance into what Palin's views are, and would simply vote for the Republican ticket because there was a woman there. Sadly, I've seen evidence of this already happening.

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Draxiom said...

I hate Sarah Palin.

That is all.

[zen] said...

I don't /hate/ her, necessarily. I do agree with a lot of things she says, but there's a few things that she's for that I'm absolutely, completely against. And it's those few things that make me not be /liking/ her.