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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'll be honest

My other personal blog was truly kind of useless. The layout and name were strange (I mean, my friends kept telling me I spelled etcetera incorrectly, even though I told them I did it on purpose). I just didn't like them at all.

The layout and name, that is, not my friends. =]

So I'll be posting often in Between Mirrors now. It's crisp, clean, and my kind of design. But more importantly - the content. This isn't going to be a diary where I'll write bad poetry about how my teenaged life sucks. I won't be posting any webcam Myspace pictures with my face washed out as I look off into the distance contemplatively either (aah, don't we love them).

I'll be posting about my opinions of things - religion, gay rights, the cute cashier at Starbucks, politics, makeup, and how much the IB workload is worse than prison torture. =] The teachers are crazy awesome though.

Oh, speaking of IB. Hi, Mrs. Biggs, if you're reading this. Or my advisor person, who I have yet to meet. I'm really hoping this also counts toward CAS hours, which I think is actually fun, not a bore to do with the new layout that's been implemented.

That aside, yeah. =] I can't wait for this blog to continue. Keep reading for updates!

P.S. If you're a parent of a teenager, you can check out my sister blog Teens on Parenting.