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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I am an Atheist

This is not meant to be offensive, and I am not giving reasons why Christians or those of other religions should be atheist. Out of my 5 best friends, 3 are extremely devout Christians, 1 is a self-described "lazy Christian", and 1 is atheist.

1. I thought Sunday school was storytime, and everything read aloud was fiction for the first year of my attendance.

2. I read about the Greek myths before I ever learned anything from the Bible, so I thought the Bible was full of myths too (which is untrue; some events actually happened, or at least metaphorically and not as exaggerated).

3. I asked my Sunday school teacher why Zeus was supposed to be fake and God was supposed to be real. He gave me a bad answer that even I, at 7 years old, could see through. I later asked this question to a Christian friend of mine, though, and she gave me an excellent and well-evidenced answer that I liked. So here it's not the religion itself, but the person explaining it.

4. I wrote a letter to God, but he never replied. My kindergartener heart was broken. I also wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, but she never replied either.

5. Because I didn't know at the time it was "bad" to be atheist. People are bigoted against us (Elizabeth Dole, Kay Hagan issue?), but at the time that I realized I was an atheist I wasn't aware of that.

6. Science.

7. I overheard two pastors arguing about gay rights. One said he was for it, and the other said he was against it. They both cited plenty of evidence from the Bible, and both interpretations were valid. At that moment I realized that religion can be changed by how religious leaders interpret it, and there's no true "pure form".

8. I accidentally picked up a grown-up's Bible when I was 9 and flipped to one part about rape, and another where there was obviously no rights for women. This bothered me.

9. Yuan Tao. She asked me if I was Christian one day. I said no. That was the first time I said it aloud, and somehow, it made it truer.

10. I asked God to save a friend of mine from getting cancer. I wasn't asking for a good day, a pony, or anything for myself, so "selfish gain at the cost of others" can be ruled out. But my friend got cancer and had to move to New York. Later, when I talked to her, she mentioned she was no longer a devout Christian. When I asked her why, she said that her pastors told her God was testing her. But other things the pastors said conflicted with his Sunday sermons of God punishing only non-Christians, and one can only come back from tragedy with a stronger bond with God.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Top 10 Things I Think are Ridiculous

1. When my 7-year-old brother corrects me on PreCalc homework.

2. An intelligent, gorgeous, and funny guy that's not taken or gay, but rabidly Republican.

3. The back of your head.

4. SAT's.

5. Creme de la Mer foundation. It's half the size of a half-pint water bottle and costs 120 dollars at cheapest.

6. GPA mongerers.

7. People who think global warming is nonexistent. Not people who think that we aren't causing it, but people who believe it's false.

8. Black lipgloss. And yet, I own a tube. And it's gorgeous.

9. Bonsai kittens.

10. This insanely popular video.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Actually Try at School

1. I'm in IB, so the environment rubs off on me. Both the procrastinate-on-projects side, and the study-10-hours-daily side. I live an excitingly stressful life.

2. I'm Asian. It's in my genes.

3. I'm already looking back at middle school and severely regretting the fact that I didn't pay attention more. I don't want to be in grad school, thinking of my time at PESH, and wishing I had fallen asleep less often in Spanish.

4. Although this doesn't happen often (I'm not trying to be egotistical or snobby), I get an uncomfortable tingly feeling when somebody references events in history that I should know more about but know barely anything about. In middle school, it was both World Wars. I didn't know which one involved the Holocaust.

5. Because I am the first in my family to have ever spent my childhood in such a wonderful country as America. My parents did not come here for nothing. I owe her good things for a 12-hour plane flight, the pain of childbirth, and the gift of life.

6. Completely shallow and superficial as this sounds, I can't bring myself to feel attracted to somebody who doesn't try at school and isn't in all honors, even if they are the next genius to walk the earth. I like people that push themselves mentally. It only makes sense I hold myself to the same standard as I hold others. Of course, there have been major exceptions to this rule. By this I mean, JL., get off your bootay and use that brilliant mind of yours in ways other than HACKING INTO YOUR FRIENDS' ACCOUNTS.

7. Opportunity.

8. There are times when people see the paper version of you and not the personality version of you. As much as that sucks, I want to have a good record because it's inevitable that will happen.

9. I've begun to notice times I fortuitously learn things. Like taking a decision to read Good Housekeeping (I don't know why) and learning the best way to clean off spilled nail polish is to just let it dry and scrape it off later. I don't want to miss some fact in school that might be useful later.

10. Unless the anybody is extremely dumb his or herself, I don't see how being academically stunted is attractive to anybody.

*Bonus Reason*

Because I promised my piano teacher that I would take everything out of life that I could.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top 10 things I hate

1. When people tell me negative gossip about a certain person that I'm friends with. Not because I'll personally be offended, but every time I talk to them afterward, I'll be thinking about the bit of nasty news.

2. When people viciously support something and don't really know what it is. (OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT! WE ALSO LOVE HIS RUNNING MATE PALIN!)

3. When people have too much pride and ignorance to admit they're wrong.

4. When people randomly mutter "I don't know" in the middle of conversations when a question was never asked.

5. Cilantro.

6. Extremely shy people.

7. People who poke and endlessly bother/annoying hit on my best friends.
8. When people tell me a person has a crush on me. For some reason, I will get extremely annoyed at the person they mentioned for a week.

9. People who insist that when they say "nigger" they mean it as "ignorant people", not an extremely rude racial slur.

10. The dang Vietnamese lady who has got the wrong phone number and calls me, thinking I'm her son. "AAAH, WHY GRADES NOT GOOD? AAAH, WHY NOT HOME YET, ALREADY 10 AT NIGHT! AAAH, WHY YOU GET GIRL PREGNANT?" (<-- not even kidding)

*Bonus hate*: Facebook insisting that "Facebook" is not a word.