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Friday, September 12, 2008

Pictures to prove my existence....

...though it's an interesting paradox to consider that, in some cultures, pictures take away a part of a person's soul. Or maybe it's the entire soul. I'm not entirely sure. I kind of envision it as a hand snatching a slice of pie shaped like a person.

Which make me wonder...if the pictures don't show up...does that mean I'm an empty shell of a person?

Which brings into question - if a person has gotten their picture taken enough times that they have no soul left, what happens if one more picture is taken?

That's the hot Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Emma B. (who took the picture) on the left, moi (also a Cadet 2nd Lieutenant) in the center, and Cadet 1st Lieutenant Geoffrey G. peeking out from behind.

I do not know the guy in the middle that's wearing a wifebeater, but trust me when I say that he had a really, really sweet bod.


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