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Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Music Quiz

I love music quizzes, but sometimes the answer is boring. So what I did was take all my strangely titled songs, and picked from solely those. And oh boy. SO FUN.

1. Some days I just feel like: Allah-lala (I'm not kidding. There's a song, poorly translated, that comes out to this phonetic spelling. XD)
2. Right now I am thinking: Touch Me (You know you want to.)
3. My favorite type of day is: Lacy Stockings and Cheap Perfume
4. Nothing beats a good: Wraith Pinned to the Mist
5. When stuff confuses me, I just say: Booty Call
6. My view on sex is summed up with this word/phrase: Pageant of the Bizzare (....huh.)


8. I hope my last words are: Still Alive (So profoundly ironic.)
9. Myspace quizzes like this are dumb. I’d rather: Punctured Brains
10. At my funeral, they’d better be listening to: JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (THEY'D BETTER.)
12. Some days I just want to scream out: MAZURKAS FOR PIANO
13. I love to eat, especially when the food tastes like: Bananas.
14. I’m not racist, I just like to: Cult of Cherries.
15. Lots of these made no sense, but that’s because: Things I Don't Know.
16. My music knows me best, that’s why it knows that all I want for Christmas is: Colliders, Black Zones, and other Forces of the Unknown, A Tribute to the Heart of Humankind (Another poorly translated title. XD)
17. When I laugh a lot of people say I sound like: Clark Gable. (XDDDDDDDD)
18. My feelings on gay marriage are summed up in this word/phrase: Nothing Better (YES!)
19. If that last one made no sense to you, then I just have this to say to you: Surgeons
20. My last thought after this little quiz thing is this: My Humps (I'm so embarrassed I have this song.)

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