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Thursday, September 18, 2008

All you IB kids

A lot of people have been really upset after receiving their progress reports and seeing the nasty numbers there (And then our parents disowned us and cast us to the street).But guys, seriously - things will get better.

IB - nightmarish studying and hardcore nerd-ing. We signed up for this program in eighth grade, knowing the low national graduation rate, and knowing that this was a golden opportunity to stand out to our dream colleges. But we swore that we could take it on, and worked through fish and soph year. Perhaps we didn't cherish the thought of living out the horror stories our older IB friends told us ("There's no such things as 'all-nighters' - you'll pull 'all-weekers'."), but the point is that despite hearing about the difficulties we would go through, we still stayed in the program.

Now we're all at PESH. We've received our first reports. And overall, those numbers are fugly. Even the geniuses are pissed with their grades, and it's no surprise.

All I want to say to you is: It's okay.

If you're failing, we're all failing. We will fail together - that's a given - but we will also succeed together, and you have to keep yourself afloat in the promise that we're all going to get over the nasty first semester alive. IB is a hugeass family. We suffer through the same IBUSH notes, weep over the same Physics problem banks. Everybody struggles, and those who claim they aren't are secretly staying up all night to get through.

But the beauty of the struggle is that we rely on each other for help. We work together, and - horrendously cheesy and 90's as it sounds - that makes us a strong team. People post up Pre-Calc and Physics tutorials, trying to help their friends and IB family. People gather together during lunch to push their way through Crime and Punishment. There's no GPA whoring (that's all in AP :D) here, because we realize the need we all have for help, and we're all willing to give it.

You're not alone. We're all in this together (wtf, High School Musical? D8), and we're going to get out of this together. =]

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Anonymous said...

Great post, Zen.

I really admire the way you encourage your IB friends to work together to succeed. Great leadership skills. I'll let my son read your post since he felt down about his first freshman progress report.

Hope you write more.

Jenny, TX

[zen] said...

Thank you Jenny! =]

Grades over here are a huge source of stress for everybody - PISD is famous for cranking out stressed students with really high GPA's and no social life.

Actually, apparently one kid ran away from home because he was too afraid of showing his mom that he'd gotten a 76 on math. I'm torn between feeling sorry for him and wanting to laugh at what he did. XD