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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Products

1. Maybelline Sky High Curves Waterproof Mascara - It holds a curl wonderfully, lengthens, and doesn't smudge. A little bit difficult to remove, but Shiseido Makeup Remover (the one in the translucent bottle) works well on it.

2. L'oreal HiP Crayons - I don't even need a primer for this, and guess what? It actually works a lot better than UDPP as a base color, and UDPP is 17 dollars whereas the crayons are about 6 (and you get more product too). The colors are extremely high pigmented, work well on anybody, smooth, and shimmery where you get some dimension but not chunks of glittery-ness.

3. Revlon Eyeliner - doesn't matter if it's liquid or roll-up stick. This stuff STAYS. I can wear this all day without primer or topshadow, and even with doublelids, it smudges so little that only you would notice it if you stood 3 inches away from a mirror. Fantastical, blends very well for smoky eyes.

4. Covergirl eye quads - well formulated for a drugstore product, and cheap. The colors are magnificent. I have two, and I use them all the time. Their lighter colors (white, silver, pink) are extremely shimmery, velvety, and add gorgeous dimension. Their darker colors aren't as crazy pigmented, but on top of the L'oreal HiP Crayons? The color is vibrant and stands out.

5. Maybelline Quad in Chai Tea (or something "Chai" - these are perfect workhouse shades. The neutrals are awesome for contouring, and the copper is smooth and pigmented.

6. Maybelline Mousse Blush - smooth and velvety and buildable. The colors don't look washed out, and they stay very well.

7. Prescriptives Bronzer - the brown is gold-based and not orange, so you don't look fake at all. Baked Tan is an awesome cheek contouring color.

8. L'oreal HiP liners - okay, anything in the L'oreal HiP collection is definitely worth buying. But the teal color is legendary, gorgeous, and pops on the eyes. I have it. And I love it.

9. Maybelline Mineral POWDERS (not liquid) - doesn't break you out, smooth, not glittery, and looks very natural if you buff it correctly.

10. Maybelline Time Rewind Double Concealer - Highlighter on one end, and concealer on the other. The highlighter is pretty strong so only a teensy dab is great for both your cheekbones. The concealer covers up very well and has a nice yellow base to counteract dark tones.

If there's only 5 things on this list you can get, then get these (in order of GAH GET IT ALREADY):

1. L'oreal HiP Crayons
2. Maybelline Sky High Curves Waterproof Mascara
3. Covergirl Eye Quads (the one with white, black, silver, and plum burgundy is amazing)
4. Maybelline Time Rewind Double Concealer
5. Prescriptives Bronzer (Baked Tan)

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