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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top 10 things I hate

1. When people tell me negative gossip about a certain person that I'm friends with. Not because I'll personally be offended, but every time I talk to them afterward, I'll be thinking about the bit of nasty news.

2. When people viciously support something and don't really know what it is. (OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT! WE ALSO LOVE HIS RUNNING MATE PALIN!)

3. When people have too much pride and ignorance to admit they're wrong.

4. When people randomly mutter "I don't know" in the middle of conversations when a question was never asked.

5. Cilantro.

6. Extremely shy people.

7. People who poke and endlessly bother/annoying hit on my best friends.
8. When people tell me a person has a crush on me. For some reason, I will get extremely annoyed at the person they mentioned for a week.

9. People who insist that when they say "nigger" they mean it as "ignorant people", not an extremely rude racial slur.

10. The dang Vietnamese lady who has got the wrong phone number and calls me, thinking I'm her son. "AAAH, WHY GRADES NOT GOOD? AAAH, WHY NOT HOME YET, ALREADY 10 AT NIGHT! AAAH, WHY YOU GET GIRL PREGNANT?" (<-- not even kidding)

*Bonus hate*: Facebook insisting that "Facebook" is not a word.

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Draxiom said...

The last one is Firefox's fault, not Facebook's.

I kind of hate it when people (Gabe, Wesley) physically or verbally harass girls (the former moreso than the latter). It's one thing I've never subjected myself to, and I can't believe people I generally hang around would.

Also, cheating. I fucking hate cheating.

[zen] said...

No, Facebook still insists Facebook isn't a word (and Firefox is now insisting Firefox AND Facebook are not words.). XD

I was referring to Tej harassing my poor dear Nancy :O And I didn't know Wesley was like that. Gabe, duh (I have known him for much too long).

Thank you for not being one of those guys. The world needs more quirky and nice people like you.

>.> Adam, everybody cheats, but it depends on your definition of it...if it's plagiarizing then that's stupid, but if it's comparing answers whilst filching a few you don't get, that's expected and reasonable. It's the tests that will bite you in the bootay later.